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Advanced mobile SEO TIPS for mobile marketing

In 2016, Google introduced the first mobile index system to provide the best user experience for its mobile users by prioritizing mobile-friendly websites. This new indexing system will first search the mobile version of your website to determine the ranking. Websites without a mobile version or poorly optimized mobile websites will be abandoned even more on search engine results (SERP) pages. But, the good news is that this mobile SEO is simple and easy to do the tasks.

Advanced mobile SEO tips for mobile vendors:

Mobile SEO is nothing more than conventional SEO, creating content and tagging to make it stand out online. These white hat mobile SEO tips will help you avoid search engine penalties and maintain better online visibility.

1. Google My Business: mobile online marketing.

One of the most important and effective mobile marketing movements that business owners can do is sign up for the Google My Business account. It’s free and simple, filling out the information as best you can and adding more possible photos of your business. When people looking for the keyword related to your business, they are more likely to see their second information first. So, think about using it for mobile marketing.

2. Using social networks:

According to reports, average users of mobile devices spend 80% of the time on social networks of the total time they spend on mobile devices. These social networking sites bring a lot of traffic to your website. Therefore, to improve visibility for mobile users, prioritize your social media marketing strategy. The frequency of publication, the quality of the content and the optimized campaign on social networks will help make your brand stand out. Also, read our Content Marketing Guide.

3. Take advantage of mobile SEO add-ons:

If your website uses WordPress or another content management system (CMS). You can use various add-ons to improve your mobile site in a more user-friendly way. WordPress, one of the popular CMS, offers a lot of add-ons to optimize images, improve speed and deal with other important mobile SEO factors.

WPtouch is the popular universal WordPress plugin that will create a Google-approved mobile version of your website. If a professional cannot afford to update and optimize your website, try these add-ons to create a website optimized for mobile devices and improve visibility.

4. Use keywords for mobile users:

It is proven that mobile users search differently from other desktop users. Optimize your content for mobile keyword search phrases to show your content to the right people. Find the right tools to find the right keywords for your content, you can find keyword comparisons by device in the Google Search Console.

5. Improve page load time:

When it comes to mobile SEO, page load time is the most important problem. There are many factors that define the loading time of the page. Gzip compression, image optimization and the use of Google AMP (accelerated mobile pages), there are some tools and add-ons to perform these tasks and improve the faster loading of mobile web pages.

10 advantages of collecting field data with mobile devices

The collection of field data can be a very difficult and slow process. Collecting field data manually requires a large amount of money, materials, personnel and other resources. With such investment comes the great responsibility of collecting the correct data in the short period of time, since the data collected in the field affects the productivity of the company.

All thanks to the constantly evolving technology, with the help of mobile devices it seems to be the only solution to the challenges facing field data collection teams. This not only replaces the old outdated Pen-Paper method of data collection, but also provides new ways to use the labor force time available in the field. The field data collection application is designed for all devices, either the data collection application for Android or the data collection application for iOS.

Mobile-based tools have been established in almost all developed and developing countries. It is obvious that companies that adopt this online method thrive more than those that are still caught in the old methodologies.

Let’s take a look at the advantages for executives and workers who have specialization in this area.

1. Supercharged productivity
Platforms based on mobile forms allow a systematic and efficient organization of the data collected thanks to its indicators in real time. This allows a lot of time to be saved in data collection and reporting to the central office. All the employee has to do is simply complete the form on their mobile device and send it instantly for analysis.

2. Never lose data
Data, mostly old data, is always required to verify or, sometimes, even to compare with new data, which allows a company to establish new benchmarks and define long-term objectives. The data collected in the mobile form is saved directly in the cloud. This helps allow the user to access data whenever and wherever they want without fear of losing it.

3. Allows the collection of rich data
The collection of fair numbers and text is like some other methods. But the collection of rich data is now possible thanks to the mobile data collection forms. Rich data includes things like images, location, audio, video and also scan a barcode. This allows one to determine the authenticity of the product or information collected.

4. Big cost savings
Saving idle time and resources leads to saving large amounts of money. Mobile forms do the same and reduce costs in processes such as transportation or even reduce the use of paper and much more. As it also saves data in the cloud, losses that occur due to data loss are also eliminated.

5. Works even without connection
Mobile forms can be completed both online and offline. This works very well since there are many areas in the world that still do not have mobile network coverage. All the worker must do is complete the form and save it for later loading when the device has access to the Internet.

6. Comparison with other data
It is very easy to compare data in field applications instead of comparing them manually. The data collected in the application can be easily compared with existing data. This allows management to make important decisions that can further increase the productivity of the company in the near future.

7. High quality of service
Mobile forms make job evaluation faster and more efficient with great precision. This adds to the satisfaction of both the service provider and the customer.

8. Workflow automation
Zero or minimal human interference minimizes the time required to do the job and also eliminates mistakes made by humans. The workflow is simplified as it is automated and, therefore, follows each step established by the form creator at the beginning and is followed over and over again without the user’s real participation.

9. Accelerated process
Instant email of collected data is sent to customers, colleagues and partners instantly. The dispatch function allows assigning jobs quickly and managing approvals with mobile workflows.

10. Ease of use
Perhaps the best advantage of collecting field data is its ease of use. Mobile forms are easily prepared using the drag and drop method on your websites. These mobile forms