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Best Protein Shakes for Bodybuilders

Proteins are foods that are literally involved in the task of building up and repairing the body muscle tissue. Amino acids, which are the simplest protein elements, perform the task of forming the muscle tissue.
The amount of protein needed by a bodybuilder depends on the amount of activity being done and whether protein supplements are being consumed as well. The smallest protein amount for any bodybuilder should be 3/4 of 1 gram protein per body weight. For the average male, daily protein intake should be 120 grams.
It is advisable to choose meats which are leaner as they are richer in protein content. Nonetheless, having outrageous courses on one’s menu such as ten eggs for breakfast is nobody’s dream. It is for this cause that protein supplements packaged in protein shakes have become very common among bodybuilders.

Now available in a wide array of flavors, protein shakes are now selling more than before. The protein shake supplements come in 2 broad classes which are: MRP (Meal Replacement) and Protein Shakes. MRPs usually contain fat and carbohydrates, which makes them a lesser favorite for many bodybuilders. Protein Shakes make work easier, as compared to MRPs, thus being the favorite for many bodybuilders.

Each protein shake carries different combinations of protein supplements, of which 5 are the most paramount. The best way for a bodybuilder to gain maximum gain from these chief proteins is to analyze their benefits and see which combinations would work suit their needs best.

Whey, tops the list. Due to its rich endowment with branched amino acids, it is used as a standard against all other proteins. Nonetheless, pure whey products contain too much lactose, which causes difficult digestion and bloating.

Casein, also from milk, is known for taking longer digestion periods in the stomach. In as much as it is no match to whey’s capacity in building muscle, it is the best protein to take at bedtime. The muscle cells remain well fed even during a long night’s rest.

The egg protein, which is quite expensive, serves as a greatly bio-available protein with easy digestibility. Though the egg protein has a good level of amino acid profile, the whey protein amino acid profile still remains way much ahead.

Genus protein is vegetable based, originating from the yellow pea. Carrying the largest amounts of arginine and glutamine, the Genus protein makes the best mate for whey protein. The low fat levels give the stomach an easy time to digest this protein.
Soy protein, is not a favourite at all due to its tendency to enhance fattening.

The best protein shake combination is a mixture of whey and genus protein.

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