How Print Screen SaaS Benefits Smaller Businesses

Businesses that require uploaded images and logos, designs, original artwork for customer approval, and proofs sent out often run into problems. Image formats differ, which can result in distorted pictures and graphics. Some files are too large to be sent in one email so there is inconsistency with the final image. Designs can be lost, approvals can be delayed, and errors are more likely. All those issues can mean unsatisfied customers, rejected orders, a decline in website traffic, and less revenues. Regular business software does not address the problems experienced by many business owners of small shops, embroidery stores, promotional product distribution, and screen or digital printing businesses.

Specialized software is available to streamline creative industry processes, help owners organize production schedules, and provide accurate sizing charts and pricing calculators. How that software is offered varies, depending on the company. It may only be available as software for purchase. Businesses would buy the software, operate it one their own servers, and pay an annual licensing fee to the company. That option works well for large businesses, or those with multiple locations. They already operate servers so the initial investment in the software is low. Medium and small businesses often do not have servers and cannot afford annual fees.

Another option for software delivery is called Software as a Service, or SaaS. This requires no business servers because the applications and programs are hosted by the software company. The initial costs are lower because there are no annual licensing fees to pay in one lump sum. Monthly subscription rates are charged to businesses, based on how many users will access the software. System updates and feature enhancements are automatically installed by the company as they become available. This service also allows for add-on software programs to be included as needed. One such add-on, called ProofStuff, is ideal for creating, sending, and getting approval for designs and artwork. It also facilitates uploading of images in many formats to accommodate customers. There are also add-on options for E commerce sites and secured online payments. Smaller businesses will benefit from the low cost and convenience of print screen saas. Some software companies are flexible and offer both methods of software delivery to all sizes of businesses in the industry.