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The Support Of Terrorism By Iran

A few countries have been known to condone and drag their feet when it comes to the fight against terrorism. The fact that Iran is a terrorism benefactor is a badly kept secret. The international community has been trying to get Iran to help in fighting the vice but the efforts have been mainly fruitless all along.

Iran has been funding, training militant groups, providing weapons and equipment and even giving refuge to terror groups which further empowers terrorism and results in humongous damages for all across the globe. This only goes to strengthen the terror groups which in turn makes the terrorist attacks a lot more worse. Terror attacks keep getting smarter and the damages caused even worse as time goes by and Iran is empowering this instead of fighting it.

It is important to take into the aspect of evil that is found in terrorism and it has all manner of results that causes huge destruction and loss of lives. Why do people and entities or groups engage in acts of terror? There are a lot of reasons and aspects that lead to people and a country such as Iran. Having a section that indicates that they desire to change the world, has been the greatest motivation as to why Iran engaged in acts of terror.

It is important to consider that Iran has been using or rather funding terror groups with a goal over defeating its enemies and there are sources that have been proven to be authenticated. In the quest to gain political strength and power, Iran has been at the forefront financing terrorism to achieve a stronger political influence. In the Middle East, it has been fighting its neighboring states with an aim of gaining political strength and being at the top; above all its neighbors.

Iran supports so many militant groups about 100,000 and has therefore earned the title top state sponsor for terrorism. A Lebanese militant group, best in the world over is known to be a very close militant ally of Iran. This relationship did not start recently because Iran has been in the forefront of the growth of this militant group. Iran was their go to when they needed weapons and they got the very best arms in the world. Money was never a problem because this was sorted and in big amounts.

Syria is a true ally of Iran and could be their only ally in the world. This alliance is something important to Iran and it takes it very seriously. The current regime in Syria cannot stand without the support of Iran, if they would withdraw their support, the regime would fall. When a soldier is slain in battle, Iran makes sure that their families are supported financially.

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