The Difference Between IT Support and IT Consulting

When businesses are considering outsourcing IT services, they will often come across IT providers that offer IT consulting services. While many customers may think that this is part and parcel of the technical services that an IT vendor offers, it’s important to understand that there is a significant difference between IT consulting and standard IT support.

What is IT Support

Standard IT support is essential for businesses that rely heavily upon computers or a dedicated computer network. Because most businesses rely on computers or computer networks, IT support services are often in high demand. However, while it happens quite often, this service shouldn’t be confused with IT consulting.

What IT Consulting Provides

IT support is a hands on service whereas IT consulting is an advisory service. It’s important to understand that this advisory service can be just as important as the hands on technical support that an IT vendor provides when computers need to be fixed, network security needs to be monitored or software needs to be added to a server.

Future Technological Infrastructure Planning

IT consulting can help a business be forward-thinking when it comes to their technical infrastructure. Whether it’s better facilitating the resources the business has for current employees or it’s keeping an eye on new technology that can be integrated into the business, this and so much more can be addressed through IT consulting.

While it is not incumbent on the consulting service to integrate all of this technology, it is their responsibility to bring many technical suggestions to the attention of their clients. If their clients decide to integrate this technology, then it can be moved over to the IT support facet so it can be implemented into an existing computer network.

If you know that your business needs to be on the cutting edge of technology and your technological infrastructure needs to be prepared for growth and expansion, IT consulting may be precisely what you need. With the ability to fashion a computer infrastructure program that is uniquely suited to your business, you would be hard-pressed to find a better solution for planning for and maintaining your business’ usable technology.