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On 19th November, 2011, Google launched its much-awaited Google android OS upgrade with regard to smartphones and product PCs – that Android 4. 0 otherwise known as Ice Cream Hoagie. It was launched alongside Samsung Universe Nexus – the main smartphone to get Android 4. 0 mobile. Since then, the tech arena may be abuzz with gossips and speculations regarding this Android OS, using people discussing it’s features, release day, advantages, disadvantages, or anything else. Among the several things discussed, just about the most frequently discussed aspects is a compatibility of the following OS. The issue, in particular, is whether the following Android upgrade are going to be available for any existing Android users or to get a chosen few.

Google android 4. 0 (Ice Ointment Sandwich) Compatible Items
Google had earlier revealed that each one phones with that Android 2. 3 (Gingerbread) OS IN THIS HANDSET and tablets along with the Android 3. 0 (Honeycomb) OS IN THIS HANDSET will receive a great Android 4. 0 update, unless the company decides otherwise. When others manufacturers, like HTC together with Motorola, have gone public with the Ice Cream Hoagie plans, others are yet to select the future approach. That, in switch, has resulted in increasingly confusion as to help which phones get Ice Cream Hoagie, and which devices won’t. Given below is a listing of phones and tablets that can get an standard upgrade to Google android 4. 0 in the midst of the next couple of months.

Samsung Italy has confirmed that company will make the brand new Android OS upgrade readily available its smartphones and tablets soon after it can be rolled out legally. So the Samsung devices and tabs which is getting the Google android 4. 0 update sometime soon are generally:

Samsung Nexus Snowfall Available!
Samsung Universe S IINow Offered!
Samsung Nexus Ohydrates 4GNow Available!
Samsung Universe NoteNow Available!
Samsung Universe S IIIICS Product


Galaxy Tabs 10. 1Rolling Available Now!
Galaxy Tabs 8. 9Rolling Available Now!
Galaxy Tabs 7. 7Rolling Available Now!
Galaxy Tabs 7 PlusRolling Available Now!

After keeping it’s users guessing for a little bit, HTC finally launched its Android several. 0 update arrange. As we fully understand, the manufacturer possessed already started coming out the Winter snow storms Cream Sandwich with March, with HTC Vivid becoming the main phone to find the update. According to your HTC official internet site, most of that devices are scheduled to obtain updates somewhere concerning June and July (Details get below).
HTC Vivid/HTC Pace 4G/HTC Raider 4GNow Offered!
HTC SensationNow Offered!
HTC Sensation 4GNow Offered!
HTC Sensation XENow Offered!
HTC Amaze 4GNow Offered!
HTC Incredible Snowfall Available!
HTC EVO 3DNow Offered!
HTC Sensation XLNow Offered!
HTC RezoundNow Offered!
HTC EVO Pattern 4G (June-July)
HTC EVO 4G+ (May-June)
HTC Need S (June-July)
HTC Need HD (July-August)
HTC Rhyme (June-July)
HTC Thunderbolt (July-August)
HTC An individual X/HTC One XLICS Product
HTC One SICS Product
HTC One VICS Product
HTC Evo 4G LTEICS Product
HTC Desire CICS Product

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Those eagerly waiting to check on about the Google android 4. 0 (Ice Ointment Sandwich) for Sony cellular phones – earlier Sony Ericsson, finally have what’s promising coming their process. As mentioned sooner, the company comes with started rolling available the Ice Ointment Sandwich for Xperia phones – along with the Arc S, Neo V together with Ray being the main three devices to take delivery of it. The listing of Sony phones that can get the Winter snow storms Cream Sandwich update include:
Sony Ericsson Xperia arc Snowfall Available!
Sony Ericsson Xperia neo VNow Offered!
Sony Ericsson Xperia rayNow Offered!
Sony Ericsson Xperia arcNow Offered!
Sony Ericsson Xperia neoNow Offered!
Sony Ericsson Xperia miniNow Offered!
Sony Ericsson Xperia little black dress proNow Available!
Sony Ericsson Xperia proNow Offered!
Sony Ericsson Xperia activeNow Offered!
Sony Ericsson Stay with WalkmanNow Offered!
Sony Xperia S/Sony Ericsson Xperia NXNow Offered!
Sony Xperia ion
Sony Xperia Oughout (Q3 2012)
Sony Xperia K
Sony Xperia Sola
Sony Xperia neo M

Tablet Snowfall Available!
Tablet PNow Offered!

As we outlined earlier, the users don’t receive any notification for this purpose update. Instead, they will need to resort to that list displayed relating to the Sony Mobile internet site. The update are going to be made ‘available with regard to download via COMPUTER Companion and Connection for Mac’, and not Wi-Fi and 3G as with Samsung phones. To find if the upgrade kit for a phone is available, you can crosscheck that list (which are going to be updated on an everyday basis) with ones Sales Item (SI) phone number – an 8-digit number inside XXXX-XXXX format printed within the battery.

Even Motorola has announced that this will roll available the Android several. 0 upgrade due to the smartphones and supplements. However, more information on a single will only be provided following your upgrade is produced public by Yahoo. Motorola smartphones and tablets that can get this bring up to date are:
Motorola Droid RAZRNow Offered!
Motorola RAZRNow Offered!
Motorola Droid BIONIC


Motorola XoomNow Offered!
Motorola Xyboard

Oh no- TopLG
Around a 7 days after LG confirmed quite possibly in the procedure of planning the Google android upgrade for Optimus 2X and also other high-end smartphones within a official statement for a social networking internet site, the company comes with finally revealed which often LG smartphones get the Ice Ointment Sandwich upgrade.
LG Optimus LTE Available!
LG Optimus 2X (Q3 2012)
LG Optimus Sol (Q2 2012)
LG my own Touch Q (Q2 2012)
LG Over shadow (Q2 2012)
LG Optimus a model in 3d (Q3 2012)
LG Optimus Ebony (Q3 2012)
LG Optimus Substantial (Q3 2012)
LG Optimus Q2 (Q3 2012)

Many other Phones and Supplements
The list with smartphone manufacturers which propose to switch to Google android 4. 0 fails to just end truth be told there, with a amount of other manufacturers going public with the Android OS update plans. ASUS, as an example, has confirmed that Eee Pad Family is geared up to join that league of Winter snow storms Cream Sandwich compatible tablets at once. So the many other phones and tablets which were confirmed to obtain new Android OS IN THIS HANDSET upgrade are:

Asus PadfoneNow Offered!
Meizu MX
Meizu M9


ASUS Eee Mat TransformerNow Available!
ASUS Eee Mat Transformer PrimeNow Offered!

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Major service service providers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint also have released official arguments confirming the Winter snow storms Cream Sandwich update for various gadgets. While all a lot of these manufacturers have unveiled their Android several. 0 upgrade aspirations, the road map with regards to how they goes about it is yet to remain finalized. It was believed that these manufactures begins rolling out the state Android 4. 0 upgrades just after the launch with Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but now released that this could happen only somewhere inside first half with 2012.

Now that Yahoo has released dealing with code for Google android 4. 0 ‘Ice Ointment Sandwich’, it is but obvious that developers will make an attempt to tweak it together with run it on many other devices – like the ones which get denied this upgrade by way of the manufacturer. So don’t get disheartened if you can not find your device from this list, as show up, the developers are bound to create some tweaks which supports you run Winter snow storms Cream Sandwich with any phone or tablet that’s compatible to the upgrade with regard to hardware.

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Android several. 0 News Tweets
Ice Cream Hoagie for Nexus S17th December, 2011: Google has finally announced that official Android several. 0 Ice Ointment Sandwich update are going to be made available for any Samsung Nexus S handset beginning with today.

“We’re coming out Android several. 0, Ice Ointment Sandwich, to GSM/UMTS Nexus S devices above the coming month, commencing today. Enjoy that tasty update! inch

After a weeklong testing in the new Android OS IN THIS HANDSET update by it’s employees, Google has finally announced that much-awaited upgrade are going to be available for standard users from now. As you see inside official statement previously mentioned, the update are going to be released gradually above the period of next 1 month. So T-Mobile together with AT&T users get this Android bring up to date today, while Sprint users will need to wait for a few for time before they discover hear this great news.

Ice Cream Hoagie for Asus Eee Mat Transformer PrimeWhile Nexus S became the main Android phone to find the Ice Cream Hoagie Update (Android several. 0. 3) with November 2011, ASUS Eee Mat Transformer Prime is just about the first Android tablet to find the same. At the NVDIA press conference relating to the eve of CES 2012, the firm CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced that Ice Cream Sandwich may be coming to that Tegra 3 product, starting from twelfth January, 2012. (It is in addition believed that that Asus Eee Mat Transformer, which has been the predecessor to your Transformer Prime, as well be receiving the ICS with late January and early February. )
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Ice Ointment Sandwich for Motorola XoomThe people of Motorola Xoom, the main tablet to attribute Android Honeycomb (Android 3. 0), can finally gear up for any much-awaited Android several. 0. 3 (Ice Ointment Sandwich) update. As being the Motorola press relieve states, the Ice Ointment Sandwich “delivers a refined interface and introduces innovative features” due to the users. As with now though, the ICS update are going to be only available for any users of Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi in the of America. The users will be handed a notification of ICS availability on the devices over next few days to weeks. (If you may not be connected to that Wi-Fi network, you will definately get the ICS update notification as soon as you connect it materials. )